SILVERBERG (Robbin Ami), GuestBook. The House was Quiet.

New York, Dobbin Books, 2016. Poème de Wallace Stevens. 5 cahiers in-4° (env. 34 x 30 cm) de 6 folios, cousus, papiers artisanaux composites, emboîtage toilé illustré (36,5 x 31 cm). Interventions originales de 10 artistes invités : François Righi, Kim Berman (Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud), Erika Hibbert (Atlanta, Georgia, USA),  Carola Willbrand (Windeck, Allemagne), Käthe Wenzel (Berlin, Allemagne), Veronika Schäpers (Karlsruhe, Allemagne), Renate Habinger (Oberndorf, Autriche), Richard Flavin & Ryoko Haraguchi (Tokyo, Japon), Robin Price (Middletown, Connecticut, USA). Édition de 15 exemplaires.


Colophon :
Dobbin Mill papers with mixed media : letterpress, archival inkjet, ink, collage, handcoloring, monoprint, embedded silk, piercing.
The House was Quiet, And the World was Calm, Poem by Wallace Stevens (1954).
Silverberg invited artists who visited Dobbin Mill to participate in a GuestBook. She made Dobbin Mill papers, considering their art practice.
She asked each artist to respond by working on the 15 sheets of paper sent to them, as their signature for the GuestBook.

Guest List : François Righi (Ivoy-le-Pré, France), Kim Berman (Johannesburg, South Africa), Erika Hibbert (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), Carola Willbrand (Windeck, Germany), Käthe Wenzel (Berlin, Germany), Veronika Schäpers (Karlsruhe, Germany), Renate Habinger (Oberndorf, Austria), Richard Flavin & Ryoko Haraguchi (Tokyo, Japan), Robin Price (Middletown, Connecticut, USA).